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  • JARVIS Pension

    JARVIS PENSION is designed to form a common information base on compulsory pension insurance and private non-State pension provision agreements for all regional offices and offices of geographically distributed agent networks

    The solution automates both the primary data accounting in the regional offices of the pension fund and of distribution partners and transmission of data from the sales points to the central office.

    The system is convenient and makes it easy to input data for further processing. There is no need for double entry, even when a large number of documents are input at one time. Access rights can be set to permit single functions to be accessed or multi-function access. The solution permits batch operations for which simplifies work with a large number of contracts.

  • Functionality:

    • Documentation and registration of CPI contracts.
    • Registration of statements in the agents transfer system ATS
    • Registration of change requests.
    • Uploading of contracts to the Pension Fund of the RF and to the Back-office.

    Functions of agent and/or person responsible:

    • Acceptance of claims, instructions and their registration in the system.
    • Formation of log of statements, list of statements, and transport files.
    • Statements operation control.
    • Processing of messages from the Pension Fund of the RF on the results of the acceptance of the statements transmitted.
    • Documentation/verification of acceptance certificate in accordance with the agreement of mutual authentication of signatures with the Pension Fund of the RF.