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  • JARVIS Aggregator

    The JARVIS AGGREGATOR is designed for distribution partners. It enables them to sell the products of several insurance companies through a single sales interface.

    The system is an Internet / Intranet solution in the possession of a distribution partner which enables the exchange of information with any number of insurance companies using the “VIRTUAL FRONT OFFICE ©” system.

    The key users of this system are banks, insurance brokers, travel agents, car dealers and other distribution partners. Each insurance company provides data on its insurance company provides on its insurance products and if necessary supports the sales process.

  • Key features of the system:

    • Provides quotations from a panel of insurance companies for a variety of products.
    • Allows comparison of different insurance products and sets out information about the differences in insurance products, the availability of special offers and the individual and corporate commission levels.
    • Provides documentation of an insurance product and implements underwriting procedures, if necessary with the support of the insurance company’s underwriters.
    • Allowing the insurer to update each product in real time.
    • Simplifying accounting procedures between the insurance company and the distribution partner (invoices, inventory, and reports on using forms covered by regulation).
    • Permits cross selling of insurance products using data from the distribution partner’s database and provides insurance product documentation without “double entry”.
    • Instant distribution of the insurance product through the distribution partner’s network.
    • Online control over the sales process.